Bridge over River Genevadsån for Kattegattleden

In order to complete Kattegattleden, Halmstad municipality is now planning to build a bridge over River Genevadsån. They are applying for a permit from the Land and Environment Court, and dialogue with the public is important. The land agreement has been delayed, stalling the process of permit application. Despite this, Halmstad municipality is working steadily on the bridge project and aims to have all permits in place to be able to build the bridge in autumn 2017.

The technical and recreation department at Halmstad municipality intends to apply for a permit from the Land and Environment Court to construct a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over River Genevadsån.

Kattegattleden is a cycle path planned so that it runs alongside the coast between Helsingborg and Gothenburg. A pedestrian and cycle bridge over River Genevadsån is necessary in order to follow this route, along with an connecting path for pedestrians and cyclists. This path will in turn connect to existing paths north and south of River Genevadsån.

A Natura 2000 area and two nature reserves, Tönnersa and Gullbranna, lie close to the embankment to the west of the E6 highway. The bridge will be constructed outside these boundaries to ensure the least possible environmental impact.

Steel bridge next to existing bridge
The new pedestrian and cycle bridge over River Genevadsån will be a steel bridge around 2.5 m wide and around 20 m long. The bridge will be built by driving steel piles and filling them with concrete. L-supports will be erected next to the piles on land. Erosion protection, i.e. stone, will most likely need to be laid to protect the bridge construction. This means that the works in the water will be extremely limited and only cause slight muddying.

Salmon, sea trout, sea lamprey and eel migrate in River Genevadsån, but there are no key spawning sites or habitats downstream from the bridge. This means there will be little impact on fish and their environment. The contractor will be required to exercise caution at the works. Trees and bushes closest to the E6 and beside the river will need to be felled to enable the work to be carried out.

Finished bridge lifted into place
At the works, it will be possible to use the existing forest road on the south side for lorries delivering concrete and steel tubes, along with dumpers and asphalt machines. On the north side, smaller machines will be used so that they are able to pass on the narrow pedestrian and cycle path through the nature reserve. An alternative could involve lifting equipment and materials from the existing E6 bridge over River Genevadsån. The actual pedestrian and cycle bridge will be constructed in another location and lifted from the E6, which will have to be closed off to some extent at that time. Site huts can be set up in the existing parking spaces around 1 km north or south of the site.

The nearest residential building is located around 300 m east of the E6 and the site of the new pedestrian and cycle bridge. Transport of materials and personnel to the area will affect residents in Gullbranna and Tönnersa. There will also be noise in connection with work on the bridge.

For more information about the bridge over River Genevadsån, see Halmstad municipality’s website.

(Editor’s note) When the bridge is in place, that section of Kattegattleden will be given new signs indicating that the cycle path goes into the Tönnersa and Gullbranna nature reserves and continues through the villages of Laxvik and Påarp. The path will then have an additional car-free section.