(X)Sites Kattegattleden 2017

(X)Sites is an art project featuring temporary public art along the Kattegattleden cycle path organised by Konstnärscentrum Väst. In summer 2017 around thirty artists will be assigned spaces in Halland, Skåne and Västra Götaland and create site-specific works alongside the path.

Site-specific art means that the artist takes the site into consideration so that both what the artist creates at the site and the site itself constitute the work. In July the artists will be working in the landscape, followed by an exhibition in August and September.

The project is a multi-year initiative starting in 2017 in collaboration with Kattegattleden Halland, Region Halland, Region Skåne, the municipalities of Kungsbacka, Varberg, Falkenberg, Halmstad, Båstad, Höganäs, Ängelholm, Helsingborg, GIBCA Extended, Konstitutet, Kulturmiljö Halland, Hallands Art Museum, Tall Ships Races, and others.

More information is available at http://www.landart.se/index.php/LandartProjekt/xsites-kattegattleden