Travelshop Helsingborg – bicycle hire

Bicycles for hire in Helsingborg for long and short excursions. Knutpunkten, Helsingborg’s central station, has an office with bicycles for hire at bus stop 6. Travelshop hires out 7-gear and 24-gear bicycles, electric bikes, child transport bikes, tandem bikes, bike carts, children’s bikes and several other models. A variety of accessories are also available for hire. Transport of bicycles, luggage and passengers by bus is also available if needed, as well as arranged tours with and without food and overnight accommodations.

For opening hours and prices, contact Travelshop.

Phone: +46 42 12 70 20


Address: Knutpunkten Hpl. 6

Postal code: Helsingborg

Latitude: 56.04433813473555

Longitude: 12.694294452667236