Kattegattleden at the new Swedish Bicycle Show, 3-5 March, 2017 at Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg

THE BYCYCLE SHOW THAT BRINGS SWEDEN TOGETHER! The popularity of cycling is very much in evidence on the streets of Sweden. More and more people commute by bike, cycling tourism is booming and the interest in electric bikes is at an all-time high. The new Swedish Bicycle Show will act as a meeting place for all cycling geeks, commuters and occasional cyclists. A meeting place where the public has the opportunity to meet the main suppliers and come into contact with the biggest brands in the market. If you sell bikes, bike accessories or cycling clothing, organise cycling holidays or races, or work with cycling in any other way, then the Swedish Bicycle Show is where you should be exhibiting!


New section of trail via Bua fishing village

This part of Kattegattleden now has a section close to the sea in Bua, now going via Bua harbour instead. The trail’s signs have been changed accordingly. See the above map of the new section.

The trail now passes the local artisans of “Bodarna i Bua”, who offer locally produced ice cream from Viskadalens Gårdsglass, Bualåda crayfish au gratin fished from the Kattegat, locally produced beer from Byaregårdens Brygghus and freshly brewed coffee with Buapudding dessert. Fiskhuset, 200 metres from the harbour is the place to buy a bag of shrimps, settle down on the pier and enjoy the atmosphere of Bua fishing village – a perfect place to take a break at Bodarna in Bua!


Cycling package on Kattegattleden

The companies below provide ready-made cycling packages if you want everything fixed and organised for you!

Gyllene Turer – cycling package organisers

Gyllene Turer offers complete cycling packages along the entire Kattegattleden from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, or through sections of it. The package includes accommodation, food and experiences, as well as bicycle hire and luggage transport if needed. They handle planning, offer bicycles for hire, transport luggage, reserve accommodation and food, offer tips on the best experiences and provide you with maps to help you find your way. All in one reservation – safe, simple and convenient!

For more information about the different cycling packages, prices and bookings, contact Gyllene Turer »

Bike Sweden, Stockholm, Sverige

Bike Sweden in Stockholm has a complete Kattegattleden cycling package. For more information about the package, prices and reservations, contact Bike Sweden


Below are travel agents in Europe that offer cycling packages that include the Kattegattleden:

VOS Travel, Belgium and Netherlands 

Pedalo, Austria

Eurotrek, Schweiz

Glur, Schweiz (p. 99 in Sommerkatalog 2017)

Eurobike, Austria

Radweg-Reisen, Germany

Rückenwind, Germany

Kras Reizen, Netherlands


Hire a bike and luggage transport

Below are three companies who can help you with bicycle hire with the option of bike delivery and collection.

Travelshop Helsingborg

Bicycles for hire in Helsingborg for long and short excursions. Knutpunkten, Helsingborg’s central station, has an office with bicycles for hire at bus stop 6. Travelshop hires out 7-gear and 24-gear bicycles, electric bikes, child transport bikes, tandem bikes, bike carts, children’s bikes and several other models. A variety of accessories are also available for hire. Transport of bicycles, luggage and passengers by bus is also available if needed, as well as arranged tours with and without food and overnight accommodations.

For more information and prices, contact Travelshop »

Åsa Marint & Fritid in Åsa

Bicycle hire with the possibility of delivery and collection. Åsa Marint & Fritid has a wide range of bicycles for hire. There are touring bikes, mountain bikes, 3-speed ladies’ bikes, children’s bikes, bike trailers and children’s bike seats. Delivery and collection of bicycles is also available from Gothenburg in the north to Halmstad in the south. A bicycle helmet is always included in the hire, of

For more information and prices, contact Åsa Marint & Fritid »

Rent a bike Halmstad

At Rent a bike in Halmstad can you hire bikes. They also offer a collection and delivery service as well as luggage transport.

For more information and prices, contact Rent a bike Halmstad »

You’ll find more companies who only hire out bikes under “Plan your bike trip”. Select “Choose experiences” and click on the “Bicycle hire” category.

Film about Kattegattleden

The film was recorded in May 2015 and starts at Knutpunkten in Helsingborg, runs past Sofiero Castle, across the Kulla peninsula via Arild, stops off at the Kallbadhuset baths in Båstad, takes a detour via the market square in Laholm, continues over the Falkenberg bridge, down the glorious beach promenade to Varberg Fortress, stops off at the manor house Onsala Herrgård with its long jetty and takes a break in Gottskär before finishing in Gothenburg with pictures of Götaplatsen and views over Gothenburg from Ramberget.

The cyclists in the film are wearing the Hövding cycle helmet, a black collar containing an airbag that is triggered in the event of an accident – the world’s first airbag for cyclists.

Watch the Kattegattleden film »

The film lasts 3.47 minutes.



Car-free, mixed traffic, paved and non-paved roads are shown on the map

On the map you will find under the menu ‘Plan your bike trip’ which stretches of Kattegattleden are car-free, which are mixed traffic, and which stretches are paved and which are not.

Zoom in on the map to see these stretches more clearly.

Car-free = separate cycle path

Mixed traffic = the cycle path goes along a road that carries little traffic with some stretches of road that are busy.


Bridge over Genevadsån

Bridge over Genevadsån – updated information 

”Unfortunately the legal process on the agreement with the landowners, etc. has become even more long drawn out (again) … so we are afraid that we will not be able to build a bridge this year. This means that it is highly likely that we will have to wait until autumn, and our cycling tourists will have to use the old “ginstleden” stretch, i.e. the current section of Kattegattleden for another season. This is extremely unfortunate and frustrating for us as we just want to be able to get started on the building work as soon as possible.”

– says Christer Johansson, project manager Halmstad municipality, February 2016.


Halmstad municipality (Technology and Leisure Management) is currently working on concluding an agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) to give us the right to build a bridge over the Genevadsån on their land/where they have right of way. Then a couple of further agreements need to be entered into with other landowners. We don’t believe this is going to present a problem and we intend to send in our application to the environmental court for permission to undertake water-related work in the early autumn. It usually takes about six months to get a “water ruling”.

In that time we will be drawing up construction documentation/tender specifications and procuring a contractor to be able to build the bridge in the spring of 2016. It is quite unfortunate that the process of getting all the formalities involved in building this bridge dealt with has taken such a long time, even though everybody is on board and positive about the project, but we now hope that it can be finished sometime during the next cycling season.

We can add that we have already “improved” the trails/forest paths through the nature reserves north and south of Genevadsån so that it is “just the last part”, the bridge over the river, that remains to be completed.

Written by Christer Johansson, project manager, Halmstad Municipality, Technology and Leisure Management, September 2015.

For more information about the bridge over Genevadsån, visit the Halmstad Municipality website.

(Already notified) When the bridge is in place, the extension of Kattegattleden will be rerouted to go through the Tönnersa and Gullbranna nature reserves and continue through the villages of Laxvik and Påaarp. The path will then have one further stretch that is car-free.