Tastes of Kattegattleden 2019

On the last weekend in May, we invite you to experience exciting taste sensations along Kattegattleden. You can enjoy our wonderful culinary and cycling tours all the way from Helsingborg in the south to Kungsbacka in the north. The various tours offer different culinary experiences, ranging from restaurants, farm shops and cafes to small local food and drink producers, and they also encompass art and gardens. Some of the tours are guided, while others allow you to cycle around at your own pace. If you want to get your pulse racing a bit more, you should opt for the Båstad mountain bike tour.

More info on each individual tour will soon be available at smakapakattegattleden.se

At the Tastes of Kattegattleden event, you will be able to sample good food, refreshing drinks, delicious chocolate and much more. Photo: Ron Johnsson