Bua harbour and Bodarna in Bua

Bodarna i Bua offers the mixed seafood Bualåda, Buabåt with prawn salad in a tortilla and Buapincho (mini-sandwiches). Ice-cream from Viskadalens Gårdsglass and Sia glass – 11 different flavours. Coffee, tea, chocolate and cold drinks. Beer from Byaregårdens Brygghus and cold Buapilsner beer.

Fiskhuset, 200 metres from the harbour is the place to buy a bag of prawns, settle down on the pier and enjoy the whole atmosphere of Bua fishing village.

Or take a walk to the lighthouse on Krokstadsudde, by the inlet to Båtfjorden and Bua hamn. There are three marked-out walks and great places to swim, with rocks as well as sandy beaches.

Bua hamn also has an Infopoint with maps, brochures and information on local activities. There, you can have a front-row seat by the sea and enjoy an ice-cream on the quay.

You’re welcome to take part in the life of Bua quay and enjoy its unique location!

Opening hours:

1/5 – 21/6 ; 12/8-25/8
Saturday kl 11-18 Sunday kl 11-17
22/6-11/8 Every day 11-21

Visiting address: Båtafjordsvägen, Bua hamn
Tel: +46 (0)709 501 647



Phone: +46 (0)709 501 647

Website: www.buafiskelage.se

Address: Hamnvägen

Postal code: 432 64 Bua

Latitude: 57.23954681526572

Longitude: 12.114497423171997