Smaka på Kattegattleden ger tillfälle att testa den goda maten utmed Kattegattleden. Foto: Ron Johansson

Taste of Kattegattleden 2020

On the last weekend in May, we invite you to experience exciting taste sensations along Kattegattleden. Enjoy our various and wonderful bike tours that offers alls orts of culinary experiences, ranging from restaurants, farm shops and cafes to small local food and drink producers.

More info will soon be available at

Ombyggnad i Varberg

Temporary route in Varberg – please follow the signs

In Varberg, the railway is currently being rebuilt. Parts of the new railway track will be laid in a tunnel under the city, a new railway station and a new bridge will be built etcetera. A large and exciting project that also affects Kattegattleden to a certain extent. This is the latest information that concerns you as a cyclist on the trail past or in Varberg.

Planned traffic situation for cyclists from September 2, 2019 to early 2020.

Västra Vallgatan
In the future, Västra Vallgatan will be completely or partially closed for transit of cars, bicycles and pedestrians. Bicycle traffic that will pass Varberg in a north-south direction along Kattegatleden is led to new routes during this time. Please follow the signs.

Cyclists who target the station will be able to park their bikes in bicycle racks near the railway station and walk the last bit. Please follow the signs.

Walking: Västra Vallgatan will be accessible to pedestrians at this first stage of the construction process.


Improvements on the route, 2019

Improvements/adjustments to the route have been made in the following locations in 2019:

  • South of Kungsbacka (stretch 7): safer stretch closer to the coast. South of Kungsbacka, the Kattegattleden stretch has been rerouted. A 2.5 kilometre cycle path was built along route 939 between Torpavägen and Torkeltorpsvägen, and the new stretch had been completed at the start of 2019. This means that Kattegattleden no longer goes via Fjärås Bräcka, but on the other hand the cycle route runs closer to the coast and – above all – is safer. See the map of the new stretch below! The map replaces page 18 in the map brochure. Click the map below. 

  • Stranninge – Morup (stretch 6): new bollards for a safer cycle route. A 3-kilometre cycle path has previously been built along route 735, between Stranninge and Morup. The cycle lane has now been separated from the road with permanent bollards to make it safer. The bollards are made of black rubber with reflexive markings.
Maiko Sugano, Tearoom, (X)sites Kattegattleden 2019

Unik konstutställning: (X)sites Kattegattleden 2019

English version coming soon!

För tredje året i rad finns konstprojektet (X)sites Kattegattleden på plats utmed leden. Ta chansen att cykla till unika konstverk som är öppna för vem som helst, när som helst, och upptäck landskapet på ett nytt sätt. Konstverken finns på plats mellan 10 juni och 6 oktober 2019.

(X)sites Kattegattleden pågår mellan 10 juni och 6 oktober i Halland (Kungsbacka, Falkenberg, Varberg, Halmstad) och Skåne (Ängelholm) utmed Kattegattleden. Projektet ger konstnyfikna cyklister, turister och lokalbor en fantastisk möjlighet att ta del av unik konst som förstärker upplevelsen av landskapet utmed cykelleden.

(X)sites, där ”x” står för det okända och ”sites” för platserna där konstverken står, genomförs för tredje året i rad och attraherar konstnärer från när och fjärran. Både nationella och internationella konstnärer deltar med platsspecifika tillfälliga konstinstallationer. Varje konstnär har fått en plats var att utgå från i sitt verk. Efter en månads intensivt arbete stod de unika konstverken på plats lagom till Kattegattledens högsäsong.

– För oss är det väldigt intressant med konstverk som är fria att besöka för vem som helst, när som helst. Det är lite skillnad mot glasdörrarna som dominerar konstvärlden i övrigt, säger Mats Nordlund, projektledare (X)sites och styrelseordförande Konstnärscentrum Väst.

Till sin hjälp har konstnärerna haft lokala kulturhistoriker eller arkeologer. Konstverken tillför platserna någonting nytt under en relativt kort period för att sedan, när cykelsäsongen närmar sig sitt slut, låta platsen bli sig själv igen.

– Tanken är att konstnärerna ska få en chans att experimentera med nya idéer och i nya miljöer, samtidigt som både cyklande och promenerande publik får chansen att upptäcka landskap på nya sätt, säger Robert Hais, projektledare (X)sites.

Här hittar du (X)sites Kattegattleden sommaren 2019

Plats: Sven Jons Udde. Konstnär: Franziska Agrawal, Germany.
Mer information

Plats: Slottsparken. Konstnär: Helena Ekänger, Sverige
Mer information

Plats: Slottsparken. Konstnär: Kamila Szejnoch, Poland
Mer information

Plats: Längst ut på Näset (Skrea strand). Konstnär: Maiko Sugano, Japan
Mer information

Plats: Stortorget, Amfiteatern. Konstnär: Alessandro Perini, Italy/Sweden
Mer information

Plats: Varbergs Fästning. Konstnär: Willner-Olsson, Sverige
Mer information

Plats: Rolfsån. Konstnär: Stuart Frost
Mer information

Plats: Svartebäcksvägen. Konstnär: Hanna Romin
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(X)sites finns också i Västra Götaland i sommar, men utmed Sjuhäradsrundan (Ulricehamn, Tranemo, Svenljunga).

Mer information

Läs mer om (X)sites Kattegattleden 2019 här! 


Tastes of Kattegattleden 2019

On the last weekend in May, we invite you to experience exciting taste sensations along Kattegattleden. You can enjoy our wonderful culinary and cycling tours all the way from Helsingborg in the south to Kungsbacka in the north. The various tours offer different culinary experiences, ranging from restaurants, farm shops and cafes to small local food and drink producers, and they also encompass art and gardens. Some of the tours are guided, while others allow you to cycle around at your own pace. If you want to get your pulse racing a bit more, you should opt for the Båstad mountain bike tour.

More info on each individual tour will soon be available at

At the Tastes of Kattegattleden event, you will be able to sample good food, refreshing drinks, delicious chocolate and much more. Photo: Ron Johnsson

Cycling package on Kattegattleden

The companies below provide ready-made cycling packages if you want everything fixed and organised for you!

Belgium & the Netherlands

VOS Travel, Belgium and the Netherlands

Kras Reizen, the Netherlands

SNP Naturreizen, the Netherlands

TUI, the Netherlands

Fietsrelax, the Netherlands

Eigen-Wijze Reizen, the Netherlands


La Balaguere, France


Girolibero, Italy


Eurotrek, Schweiz

Glur, Schweiz (p. 106 in Summerbrochure 2019)


Radweg-Reisen, Germany

Rückenwind, Germany


Donau Touristik, Austria (see p. 98 in Katalog 2019 Radferien & Mehr)

Eurobike, Austria

Pedalo, Austria


Gyllene Turer, Halmstad, Sweden

EverTrek, Gothenburg, Sweden

Bike Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Travelshop in Helsingborg, Sweden

Best Western Hotell Halland, Kungsbacka, Sweden

Sweden by Bike, Stockholm, Sweden

Sakura Tours Cyclepackages, Sweden


Cycle with a theme

Biking tour for garden lovers with The Green Guide, Helsingborg, Sweden

Film about Kattegattleden

The film was recorded in May 2015 and starts at Knutpunkten in Helsingborg, runs past Sofiero Castle, across the Kulla peninsula via Arild, stops off at the Kallbadhuset baths in Båstad, takes a detour via the market square in Laholm, continues over the Falkenberg bridge, down the glorious beach promenade to Varberg Fortress, stops off at the manor house Onsala Herrgård with its long jetty and takes a break in Gottskär before finishing in Gothenburg with pictures of Götaplatsen and views over Gothenburg from Ramberget.

The cyclists in the film are wearing the Hövding cycle helmet, a black collar containing an airbag that is triggered in the event of an accident – the world’s first airbag for cyclists.

Watch the Kattegattleden film »

The film lasts 3.47 minutes.


Planned cycle path south of Kungsbacka soon ready

A 2½ kilometre cycle path along route 939 between Torpavägen and Torkeltorpsvägen has now been built. The cycle path will be given new signs by Kungsbacka municipality and the Swedish Transport Administration, and the idea is for the new stretch to be equipped with signs before 22 February 2019. The signs on the old stretch should also have been removed by then. This means that Kattegattleden will no longer go via Fjärås Bräcka.

See the map of the new stretch below; the map sheet replaces page 18 in the map brochure.

The new sheet will be attached when you order the brochure and map from 1 March 2019.

Click on the map for a larger image.

Surfacing work in progress!

Surfacing work is currently in progress on the part of the cycle path between Tönnersa and Gullbranna nature reserve. It has been planed and covered in gravel, and will soon be rolled. It is therefore not easy to cycle this stretch at the moment.

More information is available from Halmstad Municipality.

Cykelväg i Steninge

New stretch of the path in 2018

Improvements/adjustments to the path have been made in the following locations:

• New stretches on the Bjärehalvön peninsula, meaning that the path now goes out to Torekov. The signs for the path have been changed correspondingly. Click the map below.

• A new pedestrian and cycle bridge over Genevadsån river between Halmstad and Laholm municipalities is now complete. The stretch means that the path goes closer to the sea and through two nature reserves, Tönnersa and Gullbranna. All that remains to be done at the present time is new asphalt in the reserve and extra signs. Click the map below.

• Guntoftavägen in Särö, Kungsbacka Municipality Here, a separate cycle path has been built, to be completed in summer 2018.

• Stranninge-Morup, Falkenberg Municipality: a 3-kilometre cycle path is being built between Stranninge and Morup, which will be finished by summer 2018.

• Steninge, Halmstad Municipality: a 3-kilometre cycle path has been built along Kustvägen (route 610), between Gamla vägen/Hulabäcksvägen and just after Ejdervägen in Steninge. The construction of the new cycle path is in progress and it will be completed in summer 2018.

• A small adjustment will be made in central Falkenberg in June, when the path will turn off at Hamngatan on Krukmakargatan instead of going on Kvarngatan.

Further future measures: Cycle path south of Kungsbacka and between Varberg and Falkenberg. The possibility of a bridge over Suseån river is being investigated.

This new stretches are not included in the cycling map and brochure from year 2016.  New cycling map and broschyr from year 2018 are now available in the webshop go to: Order & download Maps/Brochure.


Below are maps with the new stretches to the cycling maps from 2016.


Below new stretch in central Gothenburg.