(X)Sites Kattegattleden 2018

Art events along Kattegattleden from 29 June – 7 October 2018. Opening 29 June 2018.

(X)sites is an art project featuring temporary public art along the Kattegattleden cycle path organised by Konstnärscentrum Väst. In summer 2017 around thirty artists were assigned spaces in Halland, Skåne and Västra Götaland (Sjuhäradsrundan bike path) to create site-specific works alongside the path.

In 2018 (X)Sites will be on site along Kattegattleden once again with a large number of national and international artists who will create interpretations of the scenery along the path.

The 12 artists below are seen on along the Kattegattleden.

Mariano León, Peru
Annelie Nilsson, Sweden
Roger Rigorth, Schweiz
Roy Staab, USA
Ingrid Ogenstedt, Iceland
Anna Smillidotter, Sweden
Åsa Frankenberg, Sweden
Aski Dahl, Sweden
Anna Örtemo, Sweden
Ola Nilsson, Sweden
Muhammad Ali, Syria/Sweden
Ryszard  Litwiniuk, Poland

To see on the map where the artists are go to Plan your bike trip, choose experience “(X)Sites 2018 Land Art”.

Muhammed Ali, Syria/Sweden – Helsingborg

Tree Brothers - Concept I av Ryszard Litwiniuk, foto: Ryszard Litwiniuk
Ryszard Litwiniuk, Polen – Helsingborg

The mobile coastline archive av Annelie Nilsson, foto: Annelie Nilsson
Annelie Nilsson, Sweden – Höganäs

From Clay I Viken, Höganäs I Clay from Hyllinge, Wood, Reed, Straw, Sand, Egg white av Ingrid Ogenstedt, foto: Ingrid Ogenstedt
Ingrid Ogenstedt, Island – Höganäs

oceanic pigeon tower (or where Sven Jons used to store his thoughts) av Roger Rigorth, foto: Roger Rigorth
Roger Rigorth, Schweiz – Ängelholm

Cold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz – 100 Hz av Ola Nilsson, foto: Ola Nilsson
Ola Nilsson, Sweden – Ängelholm

Rå av Aski Dahl från Sverige vid Slottsbron i Halmstad
Aski Dahl, Sweden – Halmstad

Binda Solen av Mariano Leon från Peru vid Röda Kran i Halmstad
Mariano León, Peru – Halmstad

Pick a color av Anna Örtemo, Sverige vid Tullkammarkajen i Halmstad
Anna Örtemo, Sweden – Halmstad

Why Knot av Roy Staab, USA i Glommen vid Morups Fyr
Roy Staab, USA – Falkenberg, Glommen

Åsa Frankenberg - Boathouse 8
Åsa Frankenberg, Sweden – Falkenberg, Glommen

Colored by the summer av Anna Smillidotter, foto: Anna Smillidotter
Anna Smillidotter, Sweden – Falkenberg, Glommen

Colored by the summer av Anna Smillidotter, foto: Anna Smillidotter
Anna Smillidotter, Sweden – Falkenberg, Glommen


The five (pillars of (X)Sites are:

The Exhibition
Artistic methods, explorations and the artits relationship to the landscapes are the foundation for the exhibitions. Throught analytical and artistic abilty the landscapes are examined through artworks and there processes.

The College of Artists
Through conversaions and cooperation in a peer enviroment, without competition, a turist between the artists are created to share and speak on art and process. To take part of the sites, landscapes, process and methods to penetrate the different layers along the west coast of Sweden.

Cultural Hertige
What the landscapes hold in terms of nature, biology, materials, scale, emotions, conditions, smells, crops, ongoing civic processes, history, archeology, heritage etc, are some of the inputs that makes the building-blocks for the artists and are presented through the artworks. Thel landscapes are both rural and urban, all with their specific characteristics.

Public Event
Specific events are created for the public to gain new knowledge about the relationship to the public space and its history. These are happenings, performances, seminars, guided shows etc. to inolve the public about the common spaces. All in relation to the finished artworks and the space.

The collected experiences from (X)Sites, the artistic methods, processes and the public meetings with the art, is the foundation to create a sustainable platform and development of the project, created together with all the municipalities and regions.

Futher information can be found on www.landart.se 

Harvesting time on Kattegattleden

Discover and experience harvest time in Halland. From mid August to mid October, you find harvest festivals and food days, well-stocked farms and harvest-inspired menus. Everyone here invites everyone to the producers to join the festivities. Welcome!




Above photo: Ron Johansson

Surfacing work in progress!

Surfacing work is currently in progress on the part of the cycle path between Tönnersa and Gullbranna nature reserve. It has been planed and covered in gravel, and will soon be rolled. It is therefore not easy to cycle this stretch at the moment.

More information is available from Halmstad Municipality.

Cykelväg i Steninge

New stretch of the path in 2018

Improvements/adjustments to the path have been made in the following locations:

• New stretches on the Bjärehalvön peninsula, meaning that the path now goes out to Torekov. The signs for the path have been changed correspondingly. Click the map below.

• A new pedestrian and cycle bridge over Genevadsån river between Halmstad and Laholm municipalities is now complete. The stretch means that the path goes closer to the sea and through two nature reserves, Tönnersa and Gullbranna. All that remains to be done at the present time is new asphalt in the reserve and extra signs. Click the map below.

• Guntoftavägen in Särö, Kungsbacka Municipality Here, a separate cycle path has been built, to be completed in summer 2018.

• Stranninge-Morup, Falkenberg Municipality: a 3-kilometre cycle path is being built between Stranninge and Morup, which will be finished by summer 2018.

• Steninge, Halmstad Municipality: a 3-kilometre cycle path has been built along Kustvägen (route 610), between Gamla vägen/Hulabäcksvägen and just after Ejdervägen in Steninge. The construction of the new cycle path is in progress and it will be completed in summer 2018.

• A small adjustment will be made in central Falkenberg in June, when the path will turn off at Hamngatan on Krukmakargatan instead of going on Kvarngatan.

Further future measures: Cycle path south of Kungsbacka and between Varberg and Falkenberg. The possibility of a bridge over Suseån river is being investigated.

This new stretches are not included in the cycling map and brochure from year 2016.  New cycling map and broschyr from year 2018 are now available in the webshop go to: Order & download Maps/Brochure.


Below are maps with the new stretches to the cycling maps from 2016.


Below new stretch in central Gothenburg.


Cycle Route of the Year in Europe 2018!

This year the ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurzen’ (Cycling & Hiking Fairs) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, crowned Kattegattleden in Sweden ‘Cycle Route of the Year’. This very prestigious award aims to stimulate governments and tourist boards to realise attractive cycle routes.

The criteria includes an attractive range of experiences along the route, nice places to stay and eat, good accessibility and offering scenic views. This is the first year a Swedish route has been among the nominees.

Dag Hultefors, Chair of the Growth Committee of the Regional Executive Board, Region Halland received the award in Utrecht. He is both happy and surprised:
– Kattegattleden, with its location by the sea, is a great success with an increasing popularity, both national and international. Our focus on international marketing is now showing results, Dag Hultefors comments. The route is a great contributor to the growth in the tourism industry as well as a nice route for the locals.

Pia Jönsson Rajgård, CEO at Tourism in Skåne agrees.
– Biking tourism is an important part of our offer. A recent target group survey shows that the cycle tourists are very pleased with their stay, and has a great potential of returning. Our international marketing together with Region Halland in for example Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands are very successful and optimises our internal resources.

Kattegattleden is the first national cycle route in Sweden. It was inaugurated in June 2015. The route is 395 km long and runs between Helsingborg and Gothenburg. Region Halland is the main partner.

More info:  http://www.fietsenwandelbeurs.com/pers/index.php/en/publicity-netherlands/press-messages/latest-newsletter

For further information, please contact:
Dag Hultefors, Chair of the Growth Committee of the Regional Executive Board, Region Halland +46 767-83 53 85
Rosi Magnusson, PR Kattegattleden +46 70-918 47 82
Pia Jönsson Rajgård, CEO at Tourism in Skåne AB +46 76-887 07 30

Film about Kattegattleden

The film was recorded in May 2015 and starts at Knutpunkten in Helsingborg, runs past Sofiero Castle, across the Kulla peninsula via Arild, stops off at the Kallbadhuset baths in Båstad, takes a detour via the market square in Laholm, continues over the Falkenberg bridge, down the glorious beach promenade to Varberg Fortress, stops off at the manor house Onsala Herrgård with its long jetty and takes a break in Gottskär before finishing in Gothenburg with pictures of Götaplatsen and views over Gothenburg from Ramberget.

The cyclists in the film are wearing the Hövding cycle helmet, a black collar containing an airbag that is triggered in the event of an accident – the world’s first airbag for cyclists.

Watch the Kattegattleden film »

The film lasts 3.47 minutes.


Cycling package on Kattegattleden

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SNP Naturreizen, the Netherlands


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Eurotrek, Schweiz

Glur, Schweiz (p. 102 in Summerbrochure 2018)


Radweg-Reisen, Germany

Rückenwind, Germany


Donau Touristik, Austria

Eurobike, Austria

Pedalo, Austria


Gyllene Turer, Halmstad, Sweden

EverTrek, Gothenburg, Sweden

Bike Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Best Western Hotell Halland, Kungsbacka, Sweden

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Helsingborg – reconstruction at starting point and Drottninggatan

In central Helsingborg, there are reconstrution of Drottninggatan between Hälsovägen in the north and Storortorget in the south is continuing, as well as on the Järnvägsgatan between Stortorget and the district court in the south and a little bit into Malmöleden.

This means that Kattegattleden is led from Järnvägsgatan down to Hamntorget and then follow Kungsgatan to Karl Johans street where the trail continues north.

Click on the above image to see the temporary stretch in pink / purple selection. The rebuilding started in spring 2017 and will be completed in June 2019.

Read more about the conversion on Helsingborg City’s website.

Temporary detour at Fjärås Bräcka Skola, Varberg-Kungsbacka stretch

The Fjärås Nässelstig road is closed due to renovations to the school Fjärås Bräcka Skola. Kattegattleden will have a temporary detour during this period, via Fjärås Nyponstig and Fågelliden.

The construction at the school will be underway until autumn 2019.

Follow the orange signs, see image below.

Key for the map above:

Blue line: Kattegattleden route

Red line: Detour

Black Xs: The area in between is closed.